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Hung Ngai Jewellery Fty. Ltd., HNJF, Hong Kong based fine jewelry manufacturer & wholesaler, with sole owned factory for quality control purpose in Guangdong, China.

Back in 1987, company founder, Albert Ho and Amy Lee started a retail shop in Hong Kong. After 2 years of managing and self-develop, HNJF changed its business operation to a Fine Jewellery Wholesale Company and set up its own office in Cheung Sha Wan (Mainly wholesale for Precious Stone & Semi Precious Stone Jewellery / Diamonds / Jade / Lapis, etc).

With the efficiency, honesty and High Quality Control Standard, HNJF became a fast growing international Jewellery Wholesale Company. In 1994, HNJF set up its own factory in China, train and discuss with its workers to understand the quality requirement in international standard. 

Especially in 1995, HNJF starts its Australia Opal Collection, Huge Different from other stones, Opal have different fires in different angel, stone hardness are more easy to crack. We learn and study and Opal now become one of our major Jewellery selection 




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Show & Exhibitions

ver all these years, Except the 3 Main Hong Kong Jewellery Fair, HNJF had been to different countries for exhibiting including USA, Australia, Europe, Mid-East, etc. We have different designs, perfect service including OEM / ODM. 

As we own our factory, quantity order can be as minimum as one piece, we would like customer to try our products in a much easier way. 

“We Don’t Need Big Amount Order For One Time Only, We Wish For Long Term Customer”. 

We are confidence with our quality and service, also we always accept comments and advice to improve, and this is how we grow.

Nowadays, HNJF mainly manufacture Australia Opal & Semi Precious Stone Jewellery. A little different from other is we do have a lot of minor selection including 

Lapis / Malachite / Amber / Onyx / Pearl / Mabe / Mother of Pearl/ Small pieces diamonds / Jade / etc. These are the stone and material we made before and we still keep running it.


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HNJF set up its own factory in China (Guangdong) in 1994, from around 10 people and grow up until today with 50 people. We careful train and need them to understand the quality standard for each of the manufacture pieces. 

As per above, we do manufacture different kinds of stones, Australia Opal & Semi Precious Stone are the two main roll for now.

HNJF manufacture every pieces in our own factory with professional workers and implement Double Quality Check (Factory & Hong Kong QC Team) to make sure every single pieces of our Jewellery is in perfect shape and setting.

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