Hung Ngai Jewellery Fty Limited is a little bit different comparing to other Jewellery wholesalers. Thru the History, HNJF had been working with Lapis / Malachite / Onyx / Mother of Pearl / South Sea Pearl / Jade, Amber, etc. Although our main roll are Australia Opal and Semi Precious Stone now, but we never give up for what we had done before. Please kindly find a small introduction for what we have.

Australia Opal Jewellery

HNJF start working with Australia Opal in 1995, at first we only have Doublet Opals fine Jewellery, then we start develop and began to have Boulder Opal and White Solid Opals. For now, we mainly have Doublet Opals and White Solid Opals set with our own designs.For Settings, HNJF carefully hand set every piece in both bezel and craw settings. As Doublet Opal / Triple Opal are too thin, we do need to use Glue to stable its setting. For Boulder / White Solid / Black Opal, either its set in bezel or craw, we do not use glue at all, we carefully stable the stone by different angel and area.

White Solid Opal Collection

Perfectly Hand Set to stable the Opal, have both standard Size & Free Form, have both 18k & 14k in stock.

Doublet Opal Collection

Hand Set every piece to meet the free-form Size of Opal, after stable with glue, Opal Surface will be horizontal with Gold.

Boulder / Black Opal / Triple

HNJF do not have too much Boulder Jewellery in stock for now, customer can supply their own Opal for us to set in Fine Jewellery. For Opal Triple we will usually work in Silver.

Semi Precious Stone

HNJF have different kinds of Semi Precious stone, example like Amethyst, Sky / Swiss / London Blue Topaz / Citrine / Garnet / Peridot / Rose Quartz / Pink Amethyst / Green Amethyst / etc. Most of the designs can be substitute in different stone, include Australia Opal. Please take a look for some different designs.

Classic Designs

Simple Designs

Large Stone

Multi Stone Designs

Special Hand Cutting


HNJF have South Sea Pearl / Fresh Water Pearl / Mabe / Mother of Pearl, etc. please find below:


HNJF usually use small Diamonds only with 3 levels
1. G-H Color, Level Top SI
2. H-J Color, Level SI
3. I-J Color, Level I
Customer can choose within this 3 levels of diamonds for setting or you can suggest which quality standard of Diamond would you like?

Lapis / Malachite / Onyx / Amber / Jade / Others